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Health Forms


If there are any health care needs at school please meet with the school nurse as soon as possible.
 Our school nurses are here to help with any of your children's medical needs:


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Below you will find PDF Health forms that you can fill in right from here and print: 


Required Forms for TK and Kindergarten:                                                        Required forms for 7th Grade:
»Student Health Information Form                                                                   »Tetanus Booster & Meningococcal Vaccine (Immunization Form)
»Physical Exam                                                                                                          
»Current Immunizations                                                                                     Required forms to Play Sports in 7th & 8th Grade:   
»Vision Screening                                                                                                 »Sports Physical - Annually
»Dental Screening                                                                                                »Concussion Form - Annually

Required forms for 3rd Grade: 

»Vision Screening                                                                                                              


Required Forms for 9th Grade:                                                                            Required forms for New Incoming Students: 

»Dental Screening                                                                                                  »Student Health Information Form - Annually

Required Forms for 12th Grade:                                                                          »Current Immunizations - Required before starting

»Meningococcal Vaccine (Immunization Form)

Required forms to Play Sports in High School:                                                  Medical Forms if Needed:

»Sports Physical - Annually                                                                                   »Parental Authorization for Administration of Medications 

»Concussion Form - Annually (Sports)                                                                  »Diet Modification Request Form

                                                                                                                                                            »Asthma Inhaler & Epi-Pen Auto-Injector Form


It is mandatory for the school to have a record of the immunizations BEFORE the student comes to school.  If we do not have this record the student will not be allowed to come to school.  If you have any questions or there are any health care needs at school, please meet with the school nurse as soon as possible.