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Due to a June Professional Development opportunity for our staff, we will be adjusting our school year ending date for students to Friday, May 31st.

School Board



Kecia Hickman, President
   Email Address: [email protected]

Susan Rensink, Vice President
   Email Address: [email protected]

Jessica Brink, Member
  Email Address:[email protected]

Mark Brown, Member
   Email Address: [email protected]

Lori Richards, Member
   Email Address: [email protected]



The education of its young people has always been of great importance to the people of a community.  Schools continue to be one of the most necessary institutions maintained by a local community.  Local control of schools was in the past-and continues to be-of great importance.  That control is maintained by voters electing individuals to serve on the Board of Education.  Five individuals compose the Sheldon Community School District Board of Education, each elected for four-year terms.  Those elected to serve as members of the Sheldon Community School District Board of Education are representing those who elected them.  Each Board member feels this responsibility and seriously works at determining the attitudes and desires of responsible members of his or her constituency.


The mission of the Sheldon Community School District is to prepare all learners to be productive citizens.  (Economically self-sufficient/skills for post-secondary success)

Our caring and dedicated staff will accomplish this, in partnership with family and community, by providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum in a stimulating environment.

Motto: Striving for Excellence in Education


As a school corporation of Iowa, the Sheldon Community School District, acting through its Board of Directors, is dedicated to promoting an equal opportunity for a quality public education to its students within the limitations of the school district's ability and willingness to furnish financial support to provide for students in cooperation with their parents and the school district community, the opportunity to develop a healthy social, intellectual, emotional, and physical self-concept in a learning environment that provides guidance to and encourages critical thinking in the students for a lifetime.

The Board endeavors through the dedication of the school district's resources, to encourage students, who come to the school district from a variety of backgrounds, to look forward to the time when they will have jobs, homes, families, places in the school district community, and attain recognition as individuals.  In order to achieve this goal, the Board will seek qualified employees dedicated to development of their professional skills for the betterment of the education program and for the expertise for educational productivity.

Instruction and curriculum are the key elements of a public education.  Critical thinking and problem solving skills, that will assist the students' preparation for life, shall be instructed as part of a sequentially coordinated curriculum.  The school district strives to prepare students for employment, to discover and nurture creative talent and to prepare them to meet and cope with social change in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The support and involvement of the home and the school district community are essential to achieve educational excellence in the school district.  The school district strives to maintain an active relationship with the home and the school district community to create within the students an awareness of dignity and worth of the individual, civic responsibility and respect for authority.


We believe that:

  • Everyone is unique, has value, and wants to be successful

  • Everyone can learn

  • Learning is lifelong

  • A safe environment contributes to well being

  • Change is inevitable

  • Everyone needs personal, social, and job skills

  • Everyone needs to enjoy life

  • Communication builds mutual understanding

  • With rights come responsibilities

  • Education is a shared responsibility

  • Family is important


  • Basic Skills: All Students will possess the basic skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and performing arithmetic and mathematical operations.

  • System Thinking: All students will be able to understand complex inter-relationships.

  • Thinking Skills: All students will possess the ability to think creatively, make decisions, solve problems, visualize, learn, and reason.

  • Resource Skills: All students will possess the ability to identify, organize, plan, and allocate resources.

  • Information Skills: All students will be able to acquire and use information.

  • Personal Qualities: All students will possess the personal qualities of responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, self-management, integrity, and honesty.

  • Interpersonal Skills: All students will be able to work with others.

  • Technology Skills: All students will be able to work with a variety of technologies