The Sheldon School district’s afternoon bus routes have more students who need to ride the bus than we have bus capacity to transport them to their designated in-town bus stop. Due to this issue, the district is unable to guarantee that all students will have a seat on a bus to be transported to an in-town bus stop. We encourage, whenever possible, that students walk or ride their bikes to school or have someone drop them off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. If you choose to rely on school transportation for in-town bus stops, please have a backup plan in place just in case your child is not able to utilize school transportation due to the bus being filled to capacity. Thanks in advance for your cooperation with the issue.

Welcome to Sheldon Community Schools

Sheldon and the surrounding communities of Matlock, Ashton, and Archer provide a pleasant setting for the Sheldon Community School District. Sheldon offers small town life with conveniences for raising families in a caring community. Sheldon Community School District has been a leader in educational programs for many years. School district facilities are continually being improved. Board members, administration, and school staff put the needs of students as top priority in any decisions that are made. We welcome community members and newcomers to our schools. Many community members find volunteer work at our schools a great benefit to themselves as well as to the school. The school district works in partnership with many local businesses to provide additional resources to build an effective school program. The curricular and co-curricular programs offer students many opportunities to learn and grow. This is done with a variety of programs and a progressive attitude towards meeting the needs of all students in the district. The school district also has strong links with other educational institutions, including private schools and our community college. The Sheldon Community School District has a reputation for leadership in education. We, as a community, are proud to call Sheldon “home.”
Our Mission: Prepare all learners to be productive citizens.